Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care & Counselling Team consists of the Deacon Board and the members of the congregation who are the following:

• Visit the sick and shut-ins in hospitals and nursing homes.
• Deacons are assigned to the members of the congregation members by alphabet.
• We have an emergency contact list when a loved one passes so that we are at the hospital to support the families.
• We have volunteer list for Prayer on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10 am in the church.
• Contact members of the church who have been absent from church for a few Sundays to ensure that they are doing ok and to see if they have any concerns we can help them with.
• We also keep and add to a continued Prayer list of members of our community and others as well. This list gets lifted up during Chapel prayer on Tuesday and Thursday, the Hour of Power before Bible Study on Wednesday, during Intercessory Prayer time during worship services.
• We take communion to the sick and shut-in.